Why do people prefer Chocolate at Christmas?

A decadent delight to share with the ones you love

Giving chocolate as a gift dates to the 12th century and the Aztecs who presented cups of a chocolate drink to their royalty, warriors and explorers. They believed the cacao beans used to make the chocolate were a gift from their gods, as such only a select few could eat or drink them.

In recent times, chocolate candies have become a go to gift for many holidays, for dates, or when you are looking to cheer someone up. The gift of chocolate has meant that you consider the recipient to be someone very special. In the 1900s, Queen Victoria began giving chocolates as gifts to soldiers as Christmas/New Year’s presents. The trend was quickly adopted by many Europeans and other nations. Since then this popular gift item has developed into one of the most consumed food items in Australia. Last year, 68.4% of the population (or just over 13.5 million people aged 14+) ate chocolate in an average four weeks, up from 65.3% (12.5 million) in 2013, the latest data from Roy Morgan reveals.

It’s safe to say that Australians love their chocolate and Christmas is the ideal time not only to indulge this passion but to share it with others. With the current retail landscape shifting from buying ‘things’ to experiences, chocolate offers the best of both worlds.

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