Lindt Lindor Assorted Gift Box 235g *HALF PRICE SPECIAL*

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Give the Lindt Chocolate Gift Box of bliss with a Lindt Chocolate assortment of delicious Lindt Lindor balls including Milk, Dark, White, and Hazelnut. The perfect gift for any occasion (18 Balls)

The Final Touches
At Lindt & Sprüngli they believe the secret to enjoying chocolate comes from immersing yourself in a full sensory experience. That is why they pay meticulous attention to detail at every step of production from tempering to creating a smooth and shiny finish to designing our elegant Lindt gift box packaging to reflect the beautiful Lindt Chocolate flavours within. All the finishing touches – like the finest almost atop our pralines and the famous ribbons that embellish each Gold Bunny – are placed, with care, by hand.

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The secret to pure bliss
Lindt Chocolate Gift Box Fine hard outer shell. Creamy, melting filling. It’s not hard to tell why the Lindor Lindt Chocolate Gift box is one of our most beloved products across the globe. Find out from our Master Chocolatiers what makes Lindor so deliciously smooth.
The Shell
Essentially, Lindt Chocolate Gift Box and Lindor is a chocolate truffle. Made by creating a hollow chocolate shell by placing fine, tempered Lindt chocolate into a mould which is then spun around on its axis to coat the inside. The Lindt chocolate cools and sets to create a delicate shell – ready to hold the smooth, melting filling.
The Smooth Melting Filling
The Lindt recipe for the Lindor filling is a closely guarded secret. It is a form of ganache that we carefully pour into the delicate shells before allowing it to set. Our secret Lindor filling boasts a low melting point which allows it to melt luxuriously on the tongue. It is this signature smooth melting finish that creates a truly blissful chocolate experience and Lindt Box Chocolates
Wrapped with Love
Once filled, cooled, and set, Lindor is carefully wrapped in our signature packaging. This protects it from the environment and seals in the chocolate’s freshness in order to let the flavors shine. Did you know that we can wrap 1000 Lindors in one minute?

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