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Lindt Hexagon Selection Gift Box 250g

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Lindt Hexagon Selection Gift Box 250g gift impress and truly spoil your family and friends this Easter

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Lindt Hexagon Selection Gift Box 250g gift impress and truly spoil your family and friends this Easter. This gift box is the perfect gift for Lindt lovers with the most iconic Lindt Easter chocolates to make Easter unforgettable. The Lindt Master Swiss Chocolatier combine expertise and the finest ingredients to produce this fine selection of chocolates. A worldwide symbol of Easter, the Lindt GOLD BUNNY has been passionately created by the Lindt Master Swiss Chocolatier for over 70 years. LINDOR balls are perfect for a special me moment with their delicate chocolate shell and irresistibly smooth filling. At Lindt, we take pride in the chocolate we have so passionately created since 1845. We aim to make the finest chocolate that is matched by equally high ethical and sustainability standards, taking care at every step from bean to bar. That way, you can wholeheartedly indulge your senses, every single time.
Our sustainability program, the Lindt and Sprüngli Farming Program enables us to trace our cocoa beans right back to the farmers. This allows us to support farmers, their families and communities on the ground according to their specific local needs. 100% of our cocoa beans are traceable back to their origin and externally verified.

  • Created by Lindt Master Chocolatiers from the world’s finest chocolate.


  • A delicious assortment of the finest Lindt Easter chocolates


  • With decades of expertise, the Lindt Master Chocolatiers capture perfection in Swiss chocolate


  • Spoil your family and friends with this delicious Easter gift

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