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Lindt Easter Gold Bunny 10g x 100 *BULK BUY SPECIAL*

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100 adorable delicious Lindt Gold Bunnies that are made with smooth and creamy milk chocolate that melts in your mouth. These are perfect for your Easter special moments, sharing, entertaining or gift giving.



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100 adorable delicious Lindt Gold Bunnies that are made with smooth and creamy Lindt milk chocolate that melts in your mouth. These Lindt Gold Bunnies are perfect for your Easter special moments, sharing, entertaining or gift-giving.

(100 units per box)

The Golden Tale of Easter: Unwrapping the Legacy of the Lindt GOLD BUNNY – A delicious tradition

The tradition of gifting and enjoying chocolate at Easter is something truly special – and it goes without saying,  absolutely delicious.
But where does this tradition come from?

Easter- as we know it today is a Christian celebration, and long before that, a pagan festival marking and celebrating the beginning of spring on the spring equinox.
The equinox occurs when the sun is exactly above the equator, meaning that there is exactly the same duration of day and night.

Eggs, chickens and bunnies have very early on become associated with Easter as symbols of spring and new beginnings, making them perfect symbols for the Easter celebrations and helped to create the magic of this celebration.
Interestingly the ‘smashing of eggs’ remains a popular Easter tradition in Switzerland. Brightly coloured eggs are the centre of a ‘battle’ during the Eiertütschen where the goal is to break your opponent’s egg without breaking your own. The winner gets to enjoy the egg.

Sweet and delicious gifts became part of Easter celebrations very early on also.
Theories are that sweets were given as gifts to symbolise the sweetness of the season in pagan times which then once incorporated into the Christian celebration and linked to the breaking of fasting during Lent on Easter Sunday.


Regardless of its origin, the tradition of giving and enjoying sweet foods at Easter has become a beloved tradition for many people around the world.
Sugar was rare and expensive centuries ago and so bunnies and other Easter symbols were made from luxuriously sweetened dough and then enjoyed on Easter Sunday.
This is also a tradition that is still celebrated in many parts of the world with cakes in the shape of lambs and bunnies shaped from sweet bread making a centrepiece of many Easter Sunday feasts to this very day. The hot cross bun is also such a creation that is loved and adored in the weeks leading up to Easter.

As chocolate became more broadly known and more available in the middle of 19th century and the delicious flavour of chocolate began to enchante more and more people, bunny shaped boxes filled with chocolates were a luxurious and decadent gift at Easter that was offered to loved ones.
Skilled Chocolatiers began to create Easter themed chocolate treats including bunnies by lining the inside of a mould with a thin layer of chocolate creating a hollow figure with early moulds specific for the use of chocolate dating back to the 1930s.
Unsurprisingly, chocolate Easter Eggs, chickens, lambs and of course bunnies soon became the favourite Easter treat.


Behind every sweet masterpiece lies meticulous craftsmanship, and the GOLD BUNNY is no exception.

The story of our famous Lindt GOLD BUNNY began in 1952 where one of my Master Chocolatier predecessors created the now globally recognized Bunny shaped chocolate hollow figure – as legend goes – for his daughter who saw a cute bunny hopping through the garden in spring. When the young girl ran out to see the cute bunny, it was gone. Therefore our Master Chocolatier placed a bright red ribbon and a now trademark bell onto his gold foiled chocolate bunny.
An Easter Icon was born.
To this day, we still create all our GOLD BUNNY’s in a traditional way where the chocolate is placed into moulds which are then spun around all axils to create a thin and even layer of decadent Lindt chocolate. You can see exactly how we create our Easter hero in the video below.

So this Easter, enjoy celebrating this special time of year with loved ones and hopefully enjoying some of our delicious Easter treats and why not create your own Easter tradition such as a Easter hunt to find the Lindt GOLD BUNNY, bake something delicious and adorn your creation with a GOLD BUNNY or decorate the house with delicious Lindt Easter treats.
We certainly hope that we can enchante your Easter with our wonderful chocolate.
Frohe Ostern- Happy Easter.
Your Lindt Master Chocolatier,
Thomas Schnetzler


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