Lindt Chocolate Excellence Milk Bar 35g

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Lindt Chocolate classic recipe milk is one of the great enjoyments of this traditional recipe is its extra creamy texture as it melts, so the subtle aroma of fresh milk is not surprising. You will experience an incredibly smooth taste with distinct notes of cream, vanilla, and honey that combine to make this a true classic.

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The ultimate Lindt classic recipe milk chocolate experience – an exceptionally smooth and creamy recipe made from the finest ingredients. The colour is light brown, the aroma is cocoa, caramel, and cream. A smooth, round buttery mouth feel with notes of cocoa, creamy milk, and rich caramel
Finest Cocoa Lindt classic recipe milk
Lindt’s classic recipe milk, The bean-to-bar philosophy ensures our chocolate tastes extraordinary. It allows our Master Chocolatiers to carefully select the highest quality cocoa beans from the world’s most renowned regions. Lindt & Sprüngli are passionate about building a sustainable supply chain – which is why we founded our Farming Program.

Lindt is proud to be one of the few chocolate makers to have complete control over every step of the process. This means they can guarantee that our products are crafted with pride, passion, and expertise from cocoa bean to chocolate bar (or praline or truffle!

At Lindt & Sprüngli they are dedicated to selecting and blending only the finest, sustainably sourced, cocoa beans from the top cocoa growing regions around the world.

The flavor of a cocoa bean depends on a number of factors, including where it grows, the time of year, the environment, and the harvesting process. We see the beauty in the uniqueness of every cocoa bean and proudly nurture our treasured ingredients in accordance with their individual needs.

Lindt hocolate is the result of years of dedication; finessing the formulas for our recipes – which will always remain a closely guarded secret. We have honed the art of chocolate making, creating masterpieces that deliver chocolate perfection every single time.

Lindt Chocolate Milk Hazelnut Bar 35g

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