Lindt Chocolate Prestige Selection 345g

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Lindt Chocolate Prestige Selection is our most impressive range of Lindt boxed chocolates yet! For this special collection, Lindt’s Master Chocolatiers have included Lindt classic chocolate recipes such as Velvety Caramel, White Chocolate Diamond, Crunchy Milk Croquant and Dark Chocolate Swirl. Whether it’s for a loved one, a dinner party or a big event Prestige Selection is sure to impress; delight!


Whether it’s for a loved one, a dinner party, or for you to enjoy Lindt Chocolate Prestige Selection is sure to impress & delight! Flavours include:

Diamond: Delicate white chocolate praline, with a creamy hazelnut centre and toasted hazelnut pieces
Croquant: Crunchy milk chocolate sprinkled with hazelnut pieces with a hint of orange flavour
Swirl: Fine dark chocolate swirl with an irresistible centre of delicate hazelnut flakes
The Pyramid: Irresistible Lindt dark chocolate truffle centre enhanced with crunchy wafer slivers
Velvety Caramel: Velvety caramel in a shell of fine milk chocolate
Cornet: Exquisite milk chocolate enrobing a creamy almond praline centre
La Perla: Gently roasted cocoa nibs and hazelnut praline in a creamy white chocolate crown with a milk chocolate finish

At Lindt, they take pride in the chocolate we have so passionately created since 1845. We aim to make the finest chocolate that is matched by equally high ethical and sustainability standards, taking care at every step from bean to bar. That way, you are able to wholeheartedly indulge your senses, every single time. Our sustainability program, the Lindt & Sprüngli Farming Program enables us to trace our cocoa beans right back to the farmers. This allows us to support farmers, their families and communities on the ground according to their specific local needs. 100% of our cocoa beans are traceable back to their origin and externally verified.

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