CHOCOLATIER Chocolate Puddles the Platypus 190g


190g | EAS359 | 8 units per outer

A smooth, creamy chocolate platypus with three milk chocolate mini eggs. Not only is she delicious, but Puddles also raises funds for ongoing research into helping the platypus survive in the wild.


Some aboriginal names for the platypus include Matakupay, Mallangong, Tambreet, Gaya-dari, Boondaburra, Lare-re-lar.

Some Aboriginal dreamtime stories explain that the platypus came about from the mating of a large water rat with a duck.

The scientific name is Ornithorhynchus anatinus, literally meaning ‘duck-like bird-snout’.

People originally thought the platypus was a fake animal

Platypus swim underwater with their eyes closed and ‘see’ using electrical sensors in their bills to find their way about and to search for food – a kind of sixth sense!

Platypus young drink their mother’s milk by licking it off their skin.

Platypus can visit several burrows in one night.

Platypus dive limits are around 2–3 minutes.

Platypus lay eggs, have very small stomachs and adults have no teeth. They grind their food with hard tooth-like structures (made from keratin) that replace the teeth.

Male platypi have venomous spurs on their back ankles – they are one of the few venomous mammals.

As one of the top predators in many Australian waterways, platypuses help maintain ecosystem balance and water health.

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