Lindt Swiss Milk Couverture Piccoli Bag 2.5 Kg



What is Couverture?

Couverture is the chocolate that is used by professionals such as Chocolatiers and Pâtissiers. The word ‘Couverture’ comes from the French word ‘couvert’ which means ‘covering’. Couverture chocolate is made to have optimal flowing qualities so the chocolate coats the inside of moulds, cakes and Pralinés with a thin and even coat of chocolate. The Lindt range of Couverture is called Piccoli (little pieces in Italian) and is the perfect chocolate for all your chocolatey baking needs. Lindt EXCELLENCE also is a great option to flavour recipes with a decadent chocolate taste but if you like to use the chocolate that the professionals use, our Couverture is a true chocolate delight.

Tempering Couverture

The process of tempering ensures that melted chocolate again sets with a glossy shine and firm snap as well as melting decadently on your palate. Chocolate only needs to be tempered if you like chocolate to have those attributes, for example when making chocolate decorations or hollow figures etc. Tempering chocolate is achieved by building and pre-crystallising the cocoa butter in the chocolate which is done by heating, cooling and agitating the chocolate. For an easy way to temper chocolate at home, follow our Lindt Master Chocolatiers instructions here Important to note is that all Lindt chocolate contains cocoa butter and therefore requires tempering. Compound ‘chocolate’ replaces all cocoa butter with a substitute fat and so doesn’t require tempering. Yet it does leave a greasy mouthfeel. Lindt Does not make any compound.




Perfect for baking, Lindt Chocolate Piccoli from Lindt Swiss Premium Couverture collection. This special blend of select cocoa beans and cocoa butter will give your recipes an extraordinary taste. Versatile, milk couverture for a wide range of uses including moulding, ganache, and decorations

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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 25 × 7 cm