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Lindt Fruit Sensations Blueberry & Acai 150g

$6.00 $5.50

Lindt fine dark chocolate with soft fruit flavoured centre, where the sweetness of blueberry meets the subtlety of acai.

Lindt Fruit Sensations Orange & Pink Grapefruit 150g

$6.00 $5.50

Lindt Dark Chocolate with a soft fruit flavoured centre where orange meets fresh pink grapefruit

Lindt Fruit Sensation Raspberry & Cranberry 150g

$6.00 $5.50

Lindt Fine Dark Chocolate coated Raspberry & Cranberry soft Fruit Centre Delights.

Lindt Balls Dark Salted Caramel 1KG

$80.00 $50.00

Indulge in Lindor Sea Salt Caramel – a dark chocolate shell with delicate pieces of salt, enrobing a smooth caramel flavoured centre. Perfect for sharing, or for your everyday special moments

Lindt Swiss Premium Couverture Ecuador 70% Piccoli 2.5Kg


Perfect for baking, Lindt Piccoli from Lindt Swiss Premium Couverture collection. This special blend of select cocoa beans and cocoa butter will give your recipes an extraordinary taste. Versatile, milk couverture for a wide range of uses including: moulding, ganache, and decorations.

Lindt Swiss Gold Surfin Dark 300g

$12.00 $10.00

Experience the original luxurious dark chocolate created by Rodolphe Lindt in 1879 as the first “choclat fondant” (melting chocolate) in the world. Today’s Swiss Classic Surfin dark chocolate is still crafted using the original recipe and the same package design created by Lindt himself. Great for gifting, baking, entertaining or indulging.

Lindt Swiss Gold Milk Hazelnut 300g

$12.00 $10.00

Experience Lindt’s classic smooth and creamy tasting Swiss milk chocolate combined with gently roasted whole hazelnuts created from years of passion and tradition. Great for gifting, entertaining or indulging.

Lindt Swiss Gold Milk 300g

$12.00 $10.00

Swiss Classic is Lindt’s signature smooth and creamy tasting milk chocolate with a hint of caramel that delivers an enjoyable taste experience resulting from years of chocolate passion and tradition. Great for gifting, entertaining or indulging

Lindt Prestige Selection 345g


Prestige Selection is our most impressive range of boxed chocolates yet! For this special collection Lindt’s Master Chocolatiers have included classic chocolate recipes such as Velvety Caramel, White Chocolate Diamond, Crunchy Milk Croquant and Dark Chocolate Swirl. Whether its for a loved one, a dinner party, or a big event Prestige Selection is sure to impress & delight!