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Lindt Lemon Citrus Balls 1kg


Lindt Lindor Lemon Balls. Irresistibly smooth white chocolate shell with the hint of citrus flavours.

Lindt Fruit Sensations Blueberry & Acai 150g

$6.00 $5.50

Lindt fine dark chocolate with soft fruit flavoured centre, where the sweetness of blueberry meets the subtlety of acai.

Lindt Fruit Sensations Orange & Pink Grapefruit 150g

$6.00 $5.50

Lindt Dark Chocolate with a soft fruit flavoured centre where orange meets fresh pink grapefruit

Lindt Fruit Sensation Raspberry & Cranberry 150g

$6.00 $5.50

Lindt Fine Dark Chocolate coated Raspberry & Cranberry soft Fruit Centre Delights.

Lindt Mini Excellence Sea Salt 1KG

$48.00 $30.00

A revolutionary blend of silky dark chocolate enhanced with just a touch of fine crystals of hand harvested sea salt (fleur de sel) from France. This dramatic combination will surprise the palate as the salt accentuates the flavour and sweetness of the cocoa.

Lindt Mini Excellence Creamy Milk 1KG

$48.00 $30.00

One of the great enjoyments of this traditional recipe is its extra creamy texture as it melts, so the subtle aroma of fresh milk is not surprising. You will experience an incredibly smooth taste with distinct notes of cream, vanilla and honey that combine to make this a true classic.

Lindt Mini Excellence Dark Orange 1KG

$48.00 $30.00

The slightly tart citrus flavour of orange pieces is a perfect partner to the smooth, velvety richness of the dark chocolate. Crunch roasted almond slivers add a naturally earthy undertone and texture.

Lindt Balls Mango & Cream 1KG

$40.00 $35.00

Escape into a moment of Summery Bliss with NEW Lindor Mango & Cream, indulgent white chocolate encases a smooth melting mango and cream centre. Perfect for a gift or blissful treat.