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Milk Chocolate Pretzels 200g


Salted Pretzels coated in pure milk chocolate.

Milk Chocolate Honeycomb 300g


This delicious milk chocolate honeycomb will explode with flavours in your mouth  in this utterly irresistible treat. This chocolate delicacy is perfect for sharing or indulging on your own.

Milk Chocolate Premium Jelly Beans 200g

$6.00 $5.00

Premium small jelly beans in assorted flavours coated in Lindt milk chocolate. A real contrast of tastes and texture

Lindt Fruit Sensations Blueberry & Acai 150g

$6.00 $5.50

Lindt fine dark chocolate with soft fruit flavoured centre, where the sweetness of blueberry meets the subtlety of acai.

Lindt Fruit Sensations Orange & Pink Grapefruit 150g

$6.00 $5.50

Lindt Dark Chocolate with a soft fruit flavoured centre where orange meets fresh pink grapefruit

Lindt Fruit Sensation Raspberry & Cranberry 150g

$6.00 $5.50

Lindt Fine Dark Chocolate coated Raspberry & Cranberry soft Fruit Centre Delights.

Dark Chocolate Dates 200g

$5.50 $5.00

Whole Dates coated in Lindt Dark Chocolate. Perfect with a cheese platter and enjoying with a cup of tea late at night.

Dark Chocolate Orange Straws 200g

$8.50 $7.00

Orange peel coated in dark chocolate which goes perfectly with a cheese plate and glass of red wine